“I want to fight Chael Sonnen because No. 1, he’s an amazing fighter. When he fought last, he looked fantastic, and I want to challenge myself. He’s the No. 2 ranked middleweight in the world. Obviously I can’t fight No. 1 because he’s got a title shot, so I want to fight the No. 2 guy… The things that Chael Sonnen comes out with, they’re so outlandish that you can’t help but laugh. Listen, I think he’s brilliant. I’ve watched the stuff from his last fight. I was in stitches. I was laughing my ass off. Even comments he said about me after my last fight, I just had to laugh at that. You can’t not laugh. Of course he’s going to get in my head at the time, but hopefully I’ve learned from recent experiences. It’ll make for a great fight I’m sure.”

— Michael Bisping telling Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour that he wants to fight Chael Sonnen

Michael Bisping may want the fight, but like the rest of us, he’ll have to keep waiting for Sonnen to clear up his legal issues with the federal government before he’ll get it. Sonnen was originally scheduled to be sentenced earlier today for money laundering charges he plead guilty to earlier this year, but it ended up being postponed until April 8. If the judge accepts his plea deal however when the sentencing does happen, he’ll avoid jail time and get off with a fine and probation. Word is the UFC will reinstate him once the ordeal is over, freeing him to fight Bisping or whoever else the UFC might have in mind.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog