Integrated Sports Media has packaged up Georges St. Pierre’s early fights and put them in a pay-per-view special called “Georges St. Pierre: Rush To The Top.”

Fights shown include:

  • GSP vs. Ivan Menjivar at UCC 7: “Bad Boyz” on 1/25/2002
  • GSP vs. Justin Bruckmann at UCC 10: “Battle for the Belts” on 6/15/2002
  • GSP vs. Travis Galbraith at UCC 11: “The Next Level” on 10/11/2002
  • GSP vs. Thomas Denny at UCC 12: “Adrenaline” on 1/25/2003
  • GSP vs. Pete Spratt at TKO 14: “Road Warriors” on 11/29/2003
  • GSP vs. Dave Strasser at TKO 19: “Rage” on 1/29/2005

The pay-per-view will be available on DirecTV and the Dish Network on April 1, Avail-TVN on April 11 and iN DEMAND on April 12. It will cost $9.95.

Below, check out GSP learning how to surf with Paula Sack.