Following two unlikely draws in the UFC 125 and UFC 127 main events earlier this year, Dana White says on this first episode of the TUF 13 Aftermath that he supports the idea of implementing a sudden death overtime round to determine a winner in fights that end in a draw.

“I hate draws. I think it’s such a waste of everybody’s time and energy. It’s something that I would definitely explore.”

It’s not hard to see why. The UFC always wants to be moving forward with their matchmaking. When it comes to title pictures, they’re always thinking one step ahead and lining up the next title contenders. Draws however throw a monkey wrench into those plans. They’re forced to table whatever plans they made and run the fight again. For instance, Anthony Pettis, coming off an explosive performance at WEC 53, was scheduled to face the Edgar-Maynard winner, but has since faded out of the spotlight because Edgar and Maynard have to settle their score.

Of course, just because Dana White wants it, doesn’t mean he’ll get it. This is the type of change that athletic commissions would have to approve, and at the moment we have no idea how they feel about it.

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