A few observations from Bellator 39:

– Ben Saunders emerged from his bout against Matt Sung Lee bathed in blood but virtually unscathed. Lee emerged from that bout also bathed in blood yet very scathed. Oddly, between the two, whose performance do you think gained them more fans?

– Patricky Freire didn’t just knockout Toby Imada, he took years off the veteran fighter’s life. At this point, it’s probably a given that the Brazilian is going to sweep the tournament and face champ Eddie Alvarez sooner rather than later. And then he’s going to get smashed.

– No way in hell did Rick Hawn deserve that decision over Lyman Good. No. Way. In. Hell. Yes, Hawn took the second frame by virtue of his top game, but Rounds 1 and 2 saw him walking into punch after punch. And Bryan Minor, the judge that awarded Hawn all three rounds, needs to be sat down and have this whole “MMA thing” explained to him.

– Alvarez was completely and totally in charge in his bout against Pat Curran. So much so, in fact, that Curran should’ve been awarded the “Just a Warm Body in the Cage” award. And as for those never-ending stream of body blows the challenger absorbed, there wasn’t a punching bag in a hundred mile radius that didn’t inexplicably feel uncomfortable and out of sorts last night.