Following his loss to Antonio Silva earlier this year, rumors surfaced that Fedor Emelianenko was considering dropping down to the light heavyweight division to possibly face Dan Henderson. M-1 Global officials quickly shot those rumors down, but they should have checked with Fedor first, because it turns out he is in fact considering the move Joe Rogan and plenty of others believe he should make. In an interview with, Fedor said he has since spoken with his manager Vadim Finkelchtein about the possibility.

MF: Do you consider dropping to light heavyweight? And possibly fight Dan Henderson for the light heavyweight title?

F: Yes i have talked about it with my manager Vadim Finklestein. But as far as i know, there is no offer made by Strikeforce to fight as a light heavyweight.

The move would make a lot of sense. Fedor is an extremely undersized heavyweight in a time when athletic monsters with loads of talent populate the division. His consideration would suggest that’s a fact Fedor is well aware of, but that doesn’t mean he no longer believes he can be competitive in the division. When asked if Bigfoot’s size or weight advantage was the reason for the loss, Fedor said that had nothing to do with it.

No i don’t think so, it was not the size or weight advantage that caused my loss. Its just a fight and anything can happen. The gameplan did not worked out the way i wanted it. But the weight was deffinitely not the reason.

I find that hard to believe myself, because it sure looked like Silva’s weight played a huge role in the fight when he was pounding on him in the second round like a schoolyard bully beating up the class runt. But hey, maybe he’ll prove me wrong the next time he squares off against one of the division’s giants.

A few more notes from the interview:

  • Fedor shot down rumors that his priest was absent during his pre-fight routine which allegedly messed up his mental preparation. Fedor said, “My spiritual father was next to me.”
  • Fedor’s hints at retirement immediately following the loss were “not a moment of weakness,” but how he actually felt. A discussion with his management and “spiritual father” convinced him to continue fighting.
  • Fedor hopes to bring what he learned training with Ernesto Hoost in Holland back to his training camp in Stary Oskol.
  • Fedor was not surprised by Zuffa purchasing Strikeforce and doesn’t care who he fights for as long as he can fight.
  • Outside of his training, Fedor is spending most of his free time building a new house.
  • Fedor had fun filming “The Salamander Key” but doesn’t feel acting is for him.

Fedor is expected to return to action in July, but doesn’t have an opponent lined up as of yet.