You’re not going to get Scott Coker to say anything bad about anybody in public. Ariel Helwani set him up for it with questions about his former Strikeforce partners, Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment, forcing him to sell his share of Strikeforce to Zuffa and about Paul Daley thinking Coker “sold out” when he first heard the news, but Coker wouldn’t bite. He says he has no hard feelings for SVSE or Paul Daley. He understands Strikeforce was only one of many projects SVSE had under their belt and it was purely a business decision. As for he Daley, he likes all the promoting he’s done for the fight and gives his blessing to keep doing what he’s doing.

Coker also mentioned that Gegard Mousasi is not a lock for a title shot against Dan Henderson if he beats Keith Jardine. That is still to be determined. And there’s a possibility Strikeforce will implement the same fight night bonus system the UFC uses, but he won’t find out one way or the other until Saturday.