Showtime ran a poll during tonight’s Strikeforce “Diaz vs. Daley” broadcast asking fans if they want to UFC vs. Strikeforce fights. An overwhelming (though not surprising) 96% said absolutely. Well, on ESPN MMA Live (via BE) Scott Coker said such crossover fights could become a reality in the next 8-12 months.

“To me I’ve always envisioned seeing these big fights happen between Gilbert (Melendez) and Frankie Edgar or Alistair Overeem fighting Cain Velasquez and have these big super bowl events.”

“There has been dialogue about something like that happening but it’s going to be down the road. The fans of Strikeforce are going to be able to see their fights that they normally see happen on Showtime. Showtime is going to continue to be the broadcast partner. We have our own fighters, UFC has their own fighters. But I bet you in the next eight months to a year, you’re going to see some crossover fights. As a fan that’s going to be amazing, that’s going to be unbelievable, because I think those fights should happen.”

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Who doesn’t want to see Alistair Overeem vs. Cain Velasquez or especially after tonight, GSP vs. Nick Diaz and Frankie Edgar vs. Gilbert Melendez? Those would all be fantastic fights, and best news of all, Scott Coker says adds that are no legal obstacles preventing them from happening. The remaining question is whether or not Zuffa wants to make them.

Image via Strikeforce