To say Brian Foster’s training camp for UFC 129 did not go well would be a massive understatement. All fighters incur injuries over the course of their training camps, but at worst, it’s usually a broken bone, tweaked joint or torn ligament.

Well, not in Brian Foster’s case.

While undergoing pre-fight medical screenings for his previously scheduled fight against Sean Pierson on April 30, a MRI revealed that Foster had suffered a brain hemorrhage. His trainer, Marc Fiore, believes the hemorrhage stemmed from a hard training session only two days before. From MMA Junkie:

“A blood vessel broke open, started bleeding, and turned into a brain hemorrhage,” Fiore said of the injury. “Our doctor and the UFC doctor said they won’t clear him to fight. It should heal on its own, and if it’s good, he’s cleared to fight. If not, then we have to obviously (look at surgical options).”

Fortunate timing on the MRI, but that’s not even the craziest part of this story. Guess what happened to Foster only six weeks before? He took an epic nut shot and lost one of his testicles.

The bad news comes on the heels of another serious injury from which Foster recently recovered. Fiore said the welterweight received a hard kick to the groin six weeks ago that caused one of his testicles to burst, and doctors were forced to remove it.

Seriously, the brain hemorrhage is some scary stuff, but I think every guy reading this will agree with me when I say: Holy crap, the poor guy lost one of his nuggets! And I’d like to point out that he still intended to fight! Pardon the pun, but that takes some serious cojones.

It’s stories like this that remind me why I’m not a fighter. If all that happened to me, the last thing I’d want to do is get in a cage where something even worse could happen. Not Brian Foster, he tells’s Duane Finley that he’s genuinely heartbroken he won’t get to fight at UFC 129.

“Everything was going great man. Everything was right on schedule and it breaks my heart to put in the work, to be in the best shape of my life and have something like this happen. I give my all each and every time and to have this happen really has me upset but it’s a setback that I’ll get past and come back better than ever.”

“The UFC wants me to take six to eight weeks of rest, heal up and then we’ll get it looked at again. I’m okay and feel good but they feel it’s just too dangerous without knowing for sure how severe this injury is and I can respect that to the fullest. I just want my fans and fight fans in general to know that I do what I do for each and every one of you. I’ll be back man and this just makes me that much hungrier.”

If we didn’t know before, we surely do now. Brian Foster is without a doubt a fighter.

Update: The UFC has announced that Jake Ellenberger will step in for Brian Foster against Sean Pierson at UFC 129.