It was only a matter of time before the war of words commenced between former training partners Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. Evans has mostly been focused on his issues with Greg Jackson in recent interviews, however that changed this weekend when Jones slipped in a jab at Evans in an interview with ESPN’s Josh Gross. Jones claimed that he had several opportunities to finish Evans in practice, but never did because Rashad was his “elder.”

“We fought each other in practice. A finish has been possible several times and it has always been me finishing him. I never did it out of respect that he was the elder of the school. It’s against protocol in a way. Some people would do it but I believe in tradition.”

As you can imagine, Rashad Evans wasn’t too pleased when he read the story. He proceeded to jump on Twitter and claim the exact opposite. Not only that, he says Jones is fake, the “Milli Vanilli of MMA,” and it’s only a matter of time before the curtain falls.

Evans: @jonnybones will b mma’s version of Milli Vinilli.. Wait until the curtain comes down cuz it will!!
Evans: @RagingBullMMA im telling u that record is about 2 start skipping! “girl u know,girl u know, know,… It’s true,true true”.. Lol
Evans: @JonLutherMMA @jonnybones is a Swagger Jacker!
Evans: @RoufuSportSolJa he is fake! The fighting is off the hook but as a person he is fake!
Jones: @SugaRashadEvans #cmonson
Evans: @mattmitrione I’m just annoyed how he said he couldve finished me in practice.. R u kidding me?! Lol This dude is nuts!!
Evans: @xCypherx @jonnybones must b high! Cuz remember him looking at me begging me 2 let him up cuz he couldn’t get back 2 his feet in training..
Evans: @jonnybones u ain’t forgot what I can do 2 u! Dont believe your hype! As your coaches! I’m gonna introduce the world 2 the real u!

Rashad Evans will attempt to expose the “real” Jon Jones to the world most likely in September.