Alistair Overeem has his hands full for the rest of 2011. He meets Fabricio Werdum in June and if he wins, he advances on in the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix where he’ll fight Antonio Silva and possibly Josh Barnett, Brett Rogers or Sergei Kharitonov in the finals. It’s three big fights and if wins all three, he tells MMA Fight Corner Radio (via Five Knuckles) that he will be, “without a doubt,” the number one heavyweight in the world.

If Overeem in fact wins the grand prix, you could certainly make that argument. With Cain Velasquez on the shelf I’d probably make it too, but the only way he’ll truly solidify himself as number one in everyone’s eyes is to fight the top heavyweights in the UFC including Cain Velasquez, Junior dos Santos, Brock Lesnar or whoever else might be holding the UFC belt at the time. The good news is Alistair has every intention doing just that after the grand prix is over. He wants Cain because he’s the UFC champ and then he wants Junior dos Santos because he insinuated that Overeem is a steroid user.

When asked who he wanted to fight the most, with no title on the line, he didn’t even hesitate before answering.

“Cain Velasquez,” Overeem said. “And why? Because he is the UFC champion, and believe you me when the tournament is over, I’ll be coming for him. And after I’m done with him, we’re gonna go after dos Santos for his nice comment.”

“Cain is a good striker, good wrestling,” Overeem said. “He, in my opinion, is not ranked number one. How do I see myself against him? Well it’s gonna be a great fight. He is a well rounded fighter. I think I’m better on the feet, on the ground probably equal. It’s probably gonna be a matter of time, it’s gonna be a matter of time until we see that fight.”

They would be really great fights for a number of reasons. The one question a lot of people still have about Overeem is how he would do against a really strong wrestler. Cain Velasquez would provide that answer. Then with Junior dos Santos, you have the one heavyweight who might have the hands to hang with Overeem on the feet. It’s difficult to say who would win those fights, but I hope we get to find out in 2012.