A few observations from Bellator 41:

– Hosting a show in the arid dessert, with the sun beating down and blinding whichever fighter was unlucky enough to be facing the wrong direction, was brilliant.  It was on par, in fact, with King of the Cage’s infamous “Wet and Wild” event (which was held in the rain).  Now all we need is an MMA show held in the snow and an event held underwater and we’ve covered all the bases.

– Daniel Straus looked great against a very tough Kenny Foster.  He doesn’t have KO power or a wide range of skills, but his speed, agility and wrestling make him a good opponent for Patricio Freire in the featherweight finals.

– Do you think Wilson Reis woke up yesterday morning with the intention of being a human punching bag before the day was through?  Do you think Reis woke up today and remembered yesterday?

– Chad Robichaux was game, but he had nothing on Zach Makovsky.  More often than not, Makovsky didn’t just he take him down, he threw the dude down like he was an unwanted mannequin.

– Everyone has been talking about the decision in the Joe Warren/Marcos Galvao fight being a robbery, but frankly I don’t see it.  Galvao did plenty to earn that decision…  What?  Warren is the one who got the decision?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?