It looks like Jeff Lacy, the pro boxer at the top of Nick Diaz’s short list, is down to fight Nick “for the right price.” Lacy confirmed his interest in the fight with MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta.

“Nick has accomplished a great deal in mixed martial arts and is certainly one of the best in the sport,” Lacy said in a statement. “But getting in the ring with me for a boxing match is a path he needs to be very wary of taking. I’m willing to put it all on the line anytime, anywhere.”

“For the right price, I’m more than interested in heading to his turf and putting my fist in his mouth and silencing him,” Lacy said.

As most of you know, boxing is not my forte, so here’s Bad Left Hook’s Scott Christ’s thoughts on whether or not Lacy is the right opponent for Nick Diaz.

Diaz is one of the better stand-up fighters in MMA, and probably one of the better boxers in the MMA world. Lacy, meanwhile, is 33 years old and hasn’t looked so much as good in a fight since 2005. That came just before he was dominated and ruined by Joe Calzaghe on the road in the UK, after which he struggled with injuries that turned him into a fighter shot early. He got debatable wins over Vitali Tsypko, Peter Manfredo Jr. and Epifanio Mendoza before losing wide to Jermain Taylor in the last HBO appearance for both fighters in November 2008. Since then, Lacy has bottomed out. He escaped with another questionable win over Otis Griffin, lost big to a long-since-relevant Roy Jones Jr., and in December, lost to journeyman Dhafir Smith (24-20-7, 4 KO) on wide scorecards over 12 rounds.

To put it nicely, Lacy is irrelevant in the boxing world at this point. For a first opponent in boxing, he would make a decent opponent for Diaz, but if Diaz is really looking for some major payday, he’s looking in the wrong direction. Any amount of money there ever was in Jeff Lacy is long gone.

Interestingly, if Nick makes it into a boxing ring this year, it will not be his pro boxing debut. He actually holds a 1-0 record with a unanimous decision win over Alfonso Rocha from a bout in 2005.