Following his loss to Jon Jones, former UFC light heavyweight champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is going to make a significant change in the training department for his upcoming rematch with Forrest Griffin at UFC 134. Rather than spend his camp in his hometown of Curitiba, Shogun will travel to Los Angeles to train with his former Chute Boxe mentor Rafael Cordiero at his Kings MMA academy.

Cordeiro extended an invitation following UFC 128 and after a few weeks of deliberation, Shogun accepted.

“I will make my training camp at Kings MMA because I have so much respect for Rafael Cordeiro,” Rua told “He invited me, and I agreed with him that it would be a good way to develop my game.”

“He’s one of the best coaches ever in the history of MMA,” Rua said. “I’m going for him and for the other athletes there who are all great fighters, like Wanderlei Silva and Fabricio Werdum. I don’t know if Anderson Silva will be there, but the others are great.”

Shogun explained why he made the decision to train at Kings in an interview with Tatame. Shogun said Andre Dida who led his preparation for Lyoto Machida took off before his training camp for Jon Jones, and he made the mistake of staying in Curitiba without someone to lead his camp.

“Because I want to become better and better. I’ve talked to my coaches, who had been there all along, and I decided I had to go. Curitiba is a good place for me because there’s where my family is, my house and all that stuff, but I don’t have a training plan set, and now it’s more important than the comfort I have when I’m at home, so I’ll go to Los Angeles to look for a better training. I’ll look for a better training for me.

“Everybody needs a coach, a guy to guide you, a guy that tells you what to do on your training. They all left and I stayed in Curitiba, which was a mistake I made. But we learn from our mistakes, and now I’ll look for a better training for me.”

Ironically, Shogun had been training in Brazil to fight in the US and now he’ll be training in the US to fight in Brazil. Funny how this sport works sometimes.

Anyhow, it’s good to see Shogun is making the change, especially if he wasn’t getting what he needed anymore down in Brazil. There’s a lot of really talented fighters training at Kings MMA now, including Anderson Silva who stops in from time to time. We’ll find out in August if that’s what Shogun needs to get back to form and avenge his loss to Forrest Griffin.