“It’s an honor to fight someone like Randy Couture. I feel like Randy Couture has helped build the history in this sport. He helped build the sport to what it is today. I just feel honored to be able to fight him. Out of respect, I want to give my best to Randy Couture on that night. This plays an important part, not only in history – to be the last guy to fight Randy Couture, but it plays a big part in my career to have a legend like Randy on my resume, that I’ve fought him.”

—Lyoto Machida on the UFC 129 conference call, via MMA Fighting, talking about what an honor it is to be Randy Couture’s final opponent

Shogun Rua and Rampage Jackson figured out the puzzle that was Lyoto Machida, but they have vastly different styles than Randy Couture. Some feel Randy has a great chance to win this fight by tying Machida up on the cage and roughing him up from the inside, but I don’t see it. I think we’ll see Machida’s “elusiveness” come into play quite a bit in this fight. Randy doesn’t post much of a danger from the outside, so I expect Machida to do a lot of circling while he looks for periodic openings. Maybe Machida will land something that hurts Randy enough to finish him or maybe he turns in another decision, but I don’t see Randy closing out his career with a win.

Feel free to tell me how wrong I am below.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com