Anderson Silva threw this writer for a loop last week when he declared that he and Jon Jones were suddenly too good of friends to fight each other. Given how easily Jones gave into fighting former teammate Rashad Evans though, one has to wonder if Jones would do the same with Silva? Well, speaking with ESPN’s Chuck Mindenhall, Jones said he wouldn’t right now, but he didn’t explicitly rule it out in the future. It seems Jones is more interested in learning from Silva than fighting him at the moment.

“Because I look up to Anderson so much, I don’t look at myself as the guy to fight him right now,” Jones recently told “Anderson’s one of the guys right now I look at his way of being to like Bruce Lee. I would need to do some serious soul-searching to know that I’d beat Anderson Silva’s [butt]. I think I have the capabilities of doing it. But I truly admire Anderson Silva.”

“My goal is to reach a level of comfort in the Octagon where you don’t even process your thoughts,” Jones said. “You just move as your body thinks it. That’s what I’m looking for is that level of comfort, that level of cool. That’s what I’m trying to get. I think Anderson’s close to that. That’s what I want.”

Many of you pointed how unnecessary this fantasy match-up right now. I don’t disagree. It doesn’t make much sense (BE’s Kid Nate tries to make the case that it does), but you know what, I don’t care. It’s a badass fight and I really want to see it one day. To me, it’s that simple.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog