Frank Mir doesn’t think Alistair Overeem would do as well in the UFC as most people think he would. He tells MMA30’s Dave Farra that Overeem will struggle against the UFC’s big wrestlers in the cage versus the boxing ring where he’s mostly been fighting in the past few years. Transcription via Fighters Only:

“With all the guys with the wrestling ability (in the UFC) I don’t think Overeem will do as well as a lot of the fans would like him to do. He is a great fighter, he has some submissions off his back, he has a good guillotine – although I’ve only seen that at light-heavyweight.

“He’s been fighting in boxing rings and now going to fight in a cage… you have some guys like Velasquez or Carwin or Brock, they are going to change levels and push you against a cage and rip you down. Overeem is going to have to deal with the cage now and when you’re a striker, its a issue.”

Agree or disagree?