When Chael Sonnen embarked on his epic trash talking tour leading up to his title shot against Anderson Silva last summer, I don’t think Anderson ever uttered more than two words back. Well, on yesterday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Anderson told Ariel Helwani how he really feels about Chael Sonnen.

“Chael disrespected me, disrespected all of the fans in MMA, Chael disrespected my people in Brazil. Chael no respect nothing,” Silva said Monday on The MMA Hour in a rare interview in English without manager Ed Soares as his translator. “I don’t know what happened with Chael, but he’s a good fighter. Maybe I don’t look at Chael as a bad guy, but sometimes Chael has a problem with the fight. He has no control. I don’t know. This is Chael’s problem.”

“I fought Chael for five rounds. Chael no win. I don’t go more to fight for Chael,” Silva said. “I don’t care that Sonnen [wants] another chance for the belt, that’s just my opinion.”

“This is not [Silva’s] final decision here. He just feels [Chael] is not deserving of another shot,” Silva’s translator cleared up.

To clarify, Anderson isn’t saying he wouldn’t fight Sonnen again — that would be Dana White’s decision — only that he doesn’t think he deserves it. And after everything that has happened with Chael since the fight, I have to agree with Silva, even if it’s for different reasons. I don’t have any problem with a rematch — I’d really like to see it actually — but I think Chael needs to pick up a couple wins before he’s rewarded with another title shot. After everything that happened in the past eight months, Chael Sonnen has quite a bit of redeeming to do, inside and outside of the cage. It starts next month when he’s expected to meet with the NSAC.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting