It’s been a really long time since Anderson Silva mentioned Roy Jones Jr., but that doesn’t mean he gave up his dream to box him. In fact, Anderson told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour yesterday that he plans to box RJJ when he finishes out his MMA career.

“Maybe finish my contract for UFC, finish my fights in MMA, I’ll go,” Silva said Monday on The MMA Hour. “This is my goal for my career. It’s my dream — is to fight Roy Jones and boxing.”

It’s difficult to get a grasp on what Anderson Silva’s true plans are. Over the years, we’ve heard everything from him wanting to fight from welterweight all the way up to heavyweight. He talked about retiring at one point. Then it was boxing Roy Jones Jr. Then it was moving up to light heavyweight. Then it’s a super fight with GSP. Now it’s boxing again after he finishes his career in the middleweight division.

There’s so many different stories I’m not sure Anderson Silva really knows what he wants to do, but at 36 years of age, the clock is definitely ticking.