It’s unclear how much attention Jake Shields has paid to his striking in his training camp for Georges St. Pierre, but he’s definitely put a lot of time and energy into his wrestling. He trained with Chael Sonnen and Matt Lindland last month and here’s some footage of him wrestling with Mark Munoz and Phil Davis.

Shields’ head trainer, Cesar Gracie, is so confident in Jake’s wrestling and grappling, he doesn’t think GSP will be able to hold him down.

“I’ve had some pretty good guys try to hold Jake down. It’s not going to happen,” said Gracie, Shields’ trainer, during a “Savage Dog Show” interview on the Sherdog Radio Network. “You can’t hold Jake down. You can’t just be on top of him and hold him.”

“Superior grappling, I believe, is the way to win it,” Gracie said. “… I can see Jake putting a lot of pressure on this guy. You can train for Jake, but there’s really no one out there like him is the problem. It’s hard to get a guy that mimics [him]. You really don’t understand the feel of it until you train with him.”

Chuck Liddell, who introduced Jake to MMA many moons ago, seems to agree.

“I’m siding with Jake,” Liddell said. “Jake’s going to have to take him down. I’m expecting him to be in great shape for the fight. He’ll be in great shape for GSP. But yeah, I expect him to take him down and finish him.”

I still think GSP is going to avoid going to the ground with Jake like it’s the plague, but we’ll see Saturday.

On a side note, Cesar Gracie won’t actually be in Toronto for the biggest fight of Shields’ career due to passport issues.

Video tips via MiddleEasy