If Royce Gracie is going to fight at UFC Rio, it won’t be against Matt Hughes. The UFC announced today that Matt Hughes will meet Diego Sanchez at undisclosed event sometime this fall.

“A matchup between two welterweight fan favorites has been verbally agreed to as Diego “The Dream” Sanchez will face former UFC welterweight champion and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes,” said UFC President Dana White. “Sanchez is coming off of a Fight of Night winning performance against Martin Kampmann and Hughes is looking to add another great victory to his incredible UFC career.”

The timing of the announcement is rather interesting. Everyone knows the only fight Royce Gracie wants is Matt Hughes and Dana said yesterday he was at least willing to hear Gracie out, but clearly, they’ve already made up their minds about Hughes next fight. Maybe this is their way of turning Royce away without having to outright tell him no. Or maybe I’m reading way too into this. Yeah, probably the latter.