Dana White shared a few interesting tidbits with fans who attended the UFC 129 Fight Club Q&A earlier today.

First up, Dana revealed that the UFC is very close to doing five-round non-title fights in main events and nearly started it with Brock Lesnar vs. Junior dos Santos, but ultimately decided it wasn’t fair to go back and change it after the fight was already signed.

“I’m in to that,” White said. “I like it. I think there’s some fights that aren’t title fights that are main events, and it ends up being three (rounds), and it should have been five. I’m a big fan of it, and we’re working on that right now.

“We were actually going to start it with Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos, but we had already made the fight, so it’s kind of hard to go back to those guys after you’ve already made the fight and say, ‘You know what? This is going to be five (rounds) instead of three.’ So we’re very close to doing it.”

I don’t think that fight is going to last three rounds, so it’s not the end of the world Lesnar vs. JDS won’t get the five-round treatment, but good to see that’s the direction they’re going. Three-round main events always felt so unsatisfying if you ask me.

Dana also spoke a little about his plans to sit down with Nick Diaz and talk to him about his boxing aspirations. The decision will ultimately be up to Nick, but it sounds like Dana is going to try to talk him out of it.

“He has a deal with Strikeforce,” Diaz said. “They have a verbal deal that he can go out and box. We honor deals. If you have a deal, you have a deal. But I don’t think it’s in Nick’s best interest to box. The funny thing is that all boxers wish they could come over here and do this, but they don’t have the skillset to do it.

“I just have to sit down and talk to Nick. It’s been a long time since Nick and I have sat down and really talked since when he was in the UFC. I just want to have the opportunity to talk to him. If I leave there and he says, ‘I’m doing this. I want to do this,’ then we’ll honor the deal.”

I’m not sure you can talk Nick Diaz in or out of anything, but Dana White is awfully persuasive, so we’ll see. Who knows, if GSP wins tomorrow night, he might even dangle that carrot in front of Diaz. Sounds like that fight is on his radar.

“If Georges St-Pierre decides to stay at 170 (pounds), and the Anderson Silva fight doesn’t happen, there’s always going to be new guys coming up out there,” White said. “There’s Nick Diaz, and there’s a lot of other guys.”

In other news, three UFC events were revealed in the past 48 hours. Word is the UFC may return to Denver on Sept. 24 which will likely be UFC 135. A major event is planned for Oct. 8 in Houston and will include a UFC Fan Expo. Then the very next week, the UFC travels back to the UK for an event on Oct. 15 at Liverpool’s Echo Arena. The events have been pretty spaced out this spring, but it looks like the UFC’s hectic schedule is definitely picking back up this summer heading into the fall.