A few observations from UFC 129 “St. Pierre vs. Shields”

-How much do you want to bet that after knocking out Kyle Watson with a beautiful spinning backfist in the prelims, John Makdessi was already spending that “Knockout of the Night” bonus in his mind?  And how much do you want to bet that after Lyoto Machida’s KO of Randy Couture, Makdessi locked himself in a closet and cried.

-I remember when Ivan Menjivar was kicking ass in the Universal Combat Challenge and Charlie Valencia was kicking ass in King of the Cage in the pre-TUF era.  Good for them for getting a slot on a UFC card.

-Jake Ellenberger: when you absolutely, positively have to knock out a Canadian overnight.

-Rory MacDonald didn’t handle Nate Diaz so much as he handled him and schooled him and beat him like a tribal drum.  Does this mean MacDonald is now the Ultimate Fighter?

-Ben Henderson has proven once and for all that the WEC crew can hang with the boys of the UFC.  Now the only question left is whether the Strikeforce crew can hang.

-Vladimir Matyushenko is like a fine wine that has gotten better with age.  Also, a wine that can pound you unconscious.

-Thanks to Lyoto Machida’s front kick, it’s finally happened: all the techniques that were deemed lame and ineffective since UFC 1 first aired on pay-per-view are now valid and dangerous.  Of course, it took 17 years, and all those traditional martial artists who adapted now have black belts in jiu-jitsu and can wrestle, but hey, those flashy techniques can work. 

-Aside from a last round where Jose Aldo seemed to just give up, that 145-pound title fight was all about Mark Hominick getting beaten up.  Seriously, props to him for standing in the pocket and trying to use head movement, but yikes did the Canadian take some damage.

-Some day we will have a welterweight champ that’s exciting.  Until then, we have Georges St. Pierre.