“Honestly, I’ve been known for keeping it real and I have to keep it real. As soon as movies start paying me more than I make to fight, I’m gone. It don’t hurt to make movies. It don’t hurt that bad. Everyday I train. Everyday I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t wait until I get another big movie.’… Hell yeah, you can’t fight forever. I don’t have the type of blood Randy Couture has. I give it up to him. I take my hate off to that guy, but I’m not that guy. I don’t plan on fighting until I’m 40. And I’m not Chuck Liddell. I’m not coming to work inside the UFC office when I retire. That’s not me. I’m an entertainer, I like making people laugh. I like doing movies, action moves and stuff like that. I might even try to be a comedian one day, who knows? … I wanna keep going after I get done fighting. Some fans are kinda selfish, they don’t understand I got four kids that gotta be put through college and everything. MMA don’t have an MMA pension. They don’t pay you once you retire. I got bills, I gotta keep going.”

— Rampage Jackson on MMA Fight Corner Radio, via Five Knuckles, reiterating his desire to leave fighting for acting

Good for Rampage if he can get the work, but I suspect his demand in Hollywood is influenced significantly more by his UFC star power than his actual acting ability, and I imagine that’s even less of a factor now after The A-Team flopped last year. Rampage wasn’t terrible in that movie, but the difference between fighters like him and Randy Couture and a fighter like Oleg Taktarov who has built a decent acting career is Oleg’s actually pretty good at it. If either of them want a sustainable career in the movie business, they’re going to have to prove their worth as legitimate actors and both have a long ways to go.

Update: Dana White is still dumbfounded by Rampage’s desire to act and isn’t sure what that means for him after the Hamill fight.

“I dunno man. The thing with Rampage is…Rampage has been in this…I don’t know what to call it…this funny place for a while. This guy is on the fence whether he’s gonna act, whether he’s gonna fight. Acting sounds great and everything else, but that’s not where he makes his money. Fighting is where he makes his money. I can’t figure out the whole Rampage thing. He’s got a fight coming up against Matt Hamill. Let’s see how he does. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see where his head’s at. And then I can reevaluate Rampage.”