Chael Sonnen is back under suspension with the CSAC

CSAC executive director George Dodd revealed to MMA Weekly today that they have issued Sonnen an indefinite administrative suspension which he will have the opportunity appeal on May 18. Dodd says the decision was based on Sonnen’s legal issues with the federal government and their suspicion that he gave false testimony at his appeal hearing last December.

“Chael completed his suspension for the athletic commission just recently, so he still had time on his license here in California, and what we did, we put him on a California State Administrative Suspension for the remainder of his license, until he appeared before the commission,” Dodd told on Tuesday.

“We sent Chael a letter and he’s requested to appear in front of the commission to appeal his suspension. Currently, we have the date of May 18 for next week for his appeal of his current suspension.”

“It’s based off two things. One, his pleading guilty to his felony conviction up in Oregon, as well as possibly providing false testimony during his hearing back in December.”

The NSAC’s Keith Kizer confirmed that they will honor the suspension and let Sonnen work out his issues with California before he clears things up in Nevada.

As we’ve heard several times in the past few months, Sonnen was going to have work out his problems with both states before he could fight again anyways, so in a way this feels like a formality. But on the same token, it’s also a strong indication of just how serious the athletic commissions are taking the situation with Sonnen.

Sonnen hasn’t commented on the news yet, but he definitely hasn’t dropped his act yet. Check out what he said about reigning welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre yesterday.

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Update: Josh Gross has a very detailed summary of Chael Sonnen’s situation with the CSAC and NSAC over at Gross also got confirmation from Sonnen that he will attend the appeal hearing on May 18.