From the land of the bizarre comes word from TMZ that TapouT co-founder Charles “Mask” Lewis’ sister Carla is suing Punkass and Skyskrape for allegedly stealing Mask’s cremated ashes and distributing them in small vials to “special people” at Lewis’ memorial service.

As the story goes, Carla had executive power over Lewis’ body and chose to have him cremated. Punkass and Skyskrape then asked to borrow the urn containing his ashes for the memorial service. She agreed, but demanded they return the ashes immediately following the service. I’ll let TMZ tell the creepy part.

Here’s where things get CRAZY — Carla says when she arrived to the memorial service, she noticed “various booths and tables” set up around the cathedral … one of which contained, “a large shoebox-size box containing several miniature vials that were on display.”

Carla says the vendor informed her, “each of the vials contained a small amount of the cremated remains of Mask, and were reserved for, and to be given to, ‘special people’ whose names were on a printed list.”

Carla believes somewhere between 50 to 100 vials were either “sold, given away, donated or otherwise distributed to several unknown persons.”

If that wasn’t enough, Carla claims that TapouT refuses to return the remaining ashes despite repeated requests. As such, she’s suing them for unspecified damages, claiming the situation has caused her “overwhelming and and severe emotional distress.”

Neither TapouT, Punkass or Skyskrape have given their side of the story yet, but it’s probably in their best interest to do so ASAP, because Carla’s version is quite disturbing.

On a completely unrelated note, TMZ also has an update on the Matt Hughes bar fight story. They’re hearing from Illinois State’s attorney that there was not enough evidence to prove Hughes committed battery and will not be charged in the incident. He got out of that one much easier than Maiquel Falcão who was just dropped from the UFC over legal issues stemming from his involvement in a bar fight that took place back in 2002, years before the UFC ever blew up.

Update: Skyskrape and Punkass have responded via Twitter:

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Update II: Fighters Only has collected TapouT’s side of the story. Basically, the TapouT crew feels like they were much closer to Mask than he was to his sister in the past 10 years. In fact, Skyskrape claims Mask “couldn’t stand her.” They deny that they ever sold any of Mask’s ashes or mass distributed them, but did admit that they put a small amount in vials for themselves. They are returning the remaining ashes, but it remains to be seen if the sister will continue to pursue financial compensation for the ordeal.