Following the injury that forced Jon Jones to pull out of his fight against Rashad Evans, some people suspected that all the drama was completely fabricated and they would go back to being friends.

Yeah, not so much.

Yahoo! Sports’ Steve Cofield and a few other reporters caught up with Rashad at the UFC Fighter Summit and while he’s not as angry as he was before, the beef is still definitely there. Despite the fight being cancelled, Rashad still has no intention to go back to Greg Jackson’s and plans to move around and train with various camps around the country. He also doesn’t foresee himself being friends Jones ever again. In fact, he even said he has more respect for his other rival Rampage Jackson than he does for Jones.

“Jon will put on his Jon Jones hat when he’s in front of the media, but I know Jon Jones,” Evans said. “I have more respect for ‘Rampage’ [Jackson] than I do for Jon. At least Rampage will be like ‘this is me, this is what you get.’ He’s straight up, boom. I don’t like that sneaky, sneaky stuff. Jon is like sneaky. Snake … snake.”

That’s saying a lot considering Rashad and Rampage’s tumultuous relationship that has involved everything from shouting matches to nightclub slappings. Meanwhile, the worst that’s happened between Rashad and Jones is a verbal exchange calling each other “clowns,” so I’m sure there will be more stories to come.