“I don’t think I’d do well. Just because in boxing it would be hard for me to make 147. And I know boxers here in Philly at that weight and I spar with them, and I get my (expletive) whooped. They’re not no world champions either, but these guys are seriously good. It would be really tough for me. I’d have to develop a whole different style of boxing to be successful. Actually Bernard (Hopkins) thinks that I would become a world champion; he said it out of his own mouth that he’s never seen an MMA fighter box the way that I box. And I felt good about him saying that, but in the back of my head I’m thinking to myself, ‘Nah.’ Maybe I’m not as confident in myself as some other people are, but I’m not looking to go into pro boxing any time soon. I definitely, 100-percent feel that I have the best hands in the lightweight division. If I watch Melvin Guillard, I definitely see a lot of holes. He’s quick, he’s explosive, but he gets a little wild. My boxing trainer is getting Bernard Hopkins ready for his next fight. I train with some real high-level boxers in Philadelphia and they kick my (expletive) two or three times a week, and they all say that I should maybe consider boxing a little bit. But, when I look out there at the whole spectrum of lightweights, I gotta be honest, I think I have the best boxing in the lightweight division. I think whoever ranked Gilbert Melendez as having the best hands in MMA has got to be on acid or out of their mind.”

— Eddie Alvarez on Fight Corner Radio, via Five Knuckles, talking about his boxing

Eddie Alvarez definitely has great hands. I think one of the most underutilized techniques in MMA is the body shot, and Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz are two fighters that come to mind who work them beautifully.

But does that mean Eddie has the best hands in the lightweight division? Maybe, but I think it’s up for debate. Who do you think has the best? Eddie Alvarez? Gilbert Melendez? Frankie Edgar? Melvin Guillard? BJ Penn (pre-Edgar)? Someone else?

Image via Bellator