“What immediately came to my mind was, What’s the need for insurance? Because advocates for MMA have been touting how safe this sport is and that no one is ever injured, and in fact, the testimony here is that the worst that ever happened was a broken arm. But I don’t think that insurance is going to do anything for the very prevalent brain damage that fighters will suffer… I think what MMA should be doing is, instead of providing insurance for injuries, is to do away with injuries… It’s certainly not a bad thing that they provide this insurance, but it really does little or nothing to solve the problem of what will happen to fighters financially, of the physical damage done to fighters or the fact that this violent sport begets violence in our society. So it does nothing to address the systemic problems of MMA… I think it’s a positive thing, but I don’t think it’s a positive step. In the sense that it doesn’t address the systemic problems of MMA. But it’s certainly not a negative thing.”

— NY Assemblyman Bob Reilly, via MMA Fighting, crapping on the UFC’s new accidental insurance program

The picture pretty much sums that up. NY’s struggle to legalize MMA really has nothing to do with Bob Reilly and his dumbfounding beliefs anyways. It’s about union groups and their beef with the Fertitta’s Station Casinos. It is politics after all. Nothing’s ever as it seems.