Surprise, surprise, Rashad Evans and Jon Jones weren’t able to get through UFC Fighter Summit week without getting into it. Unfortunately, there’s no video, but The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Evans and Jones got into a “heated squabble” in a Las Vegas nightclub before UFC welterweight champion and Team Jackson member Georges St. Pierre jumped in and told them to take it elsewhere. The report is short on specifics, but apparently they ended up walking away.

In another interesting twist to Evans-Jones feud, Jones’ manager Malki Kawa is saying on Twitter that Jones has decided not to have surgery on his hand now and are currently in discussions with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta about his next fight.

I guess its time to put out the truth. @Jonnybones suffered a tear in his thumb in 2 different spots… Every dr he saw said to have surgery… We went to meet with the surgeon on wed and after he looked at @Jonnybones he thought that surgery was a bit evasive and bones didn’t have to have if he didn’t want to. @Jonnybones decided against surgery, and we immediately met with dana and lorenzo the next day to get his next fight scheduled.

So does that mean the Jones vs. Evans fight is back on? Nope. Kawa says Evans is still scheduled to face Phil Davis at UFC 133 and Jones wouldn’t be ready in time.

No @Jonnybones is not fighting rashad. Rashad is fighting phil davis. I’ll let you know who or when jon will fight real soon…

RT point is, by the time he’s cleared and gets back into it, because he won’t be able to go back at full speed on the 12th, therefore he won’t have a full 8 week camp…it wontleach1983: @malkikawa r u having fun defending ur client? June 11th to august 6th is 8 weeks exact

And to all the fans who hit Kawa up with replies claiming Jones was ducking Rashad, Kawa says they were only following doctors’ advice.

For the record, every doctor @Jonnybones saw was a @ufc referred doctor. The very last one on the day before surgery thought against it… And to be quite frank, @Jonnybones never wanted to have surgery, the doctors advice all along was to have the procedure done.

Bottom line, no one is ducking anyone. We are doing everything to get @Jonnybones healthy and back in training asap. Thanks for the support!

Of course, Rashad thinks it’s all a bunch of BS and Jones was merely faking the injury to get out of fighting him. (I cleaned up his tweets to make it more readable)

The incident with Jon Jones consisted of him telling me how he was so much better than me and that he was gonna destroy me. It was ended by one question: If you are or were so confident then why fake a thumb injury? Because just between me and y’all he doesn’t need surgery! If I’m lying, I’m dying! Ask Jon Jones when is his surgery and who was his doctor! He is so fake, he fakes surgeries!! Now that’s fake!

So much drama… I’m usually pretty willing to give a fighter the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t know about this one. If Jon Jones really wanted to fight Evans, wouldn’t he and his manager be begging the UFC to take Evans off UFC 133 and reschedule their fight in September or October when Jones would be ready?