Unfortunately my opponent was replaced again, again due to a health problem, but thanks’ God it didn’t change the date. What matters to me now is fighting. I’ve never chosen a guy to fight against, and when they called me asking if I’d fight Shane Carwin, I accepted it right away. What matters is fighting. I don’t fight since August, and it’s making me feel bad. I’m in a great shape, doing Just fine in my life, but I could be enjoying it more… I didn’t change my trainings, actually. My goal is always the same, to keep the fight on the feet and use my Boxing skills. The trainings aren’t any different now, what will change is my game plan. We still haven’t thought about it yet, but it’ll change a bit. But the thing is to get ready to go, and thanks’ God I’m training hard. I’ll be in my best shape on the day of the fight and I’ll give my best to get off there as the winner.

— Junior dos Santos, via Tatame, sharing his thoughts on fighting Shane Carwin instead of Brock Lesnar at UFC 131

Despite the sudden loss of Brock Lesnar’s star power and all the excitement he brings along with it, I would tend to agree with those of you who think the switch resulted in a better fight. I’m leaning towards JDS just because I think he has the hands to overwhelm Carwin, but Carwin of course has the power to end anyone’s night in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, I think it’s a much closer fight than the oddsmakers think it is.

Who ya got?

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog