“It sucks, but it happens in this sport. People get hurt all the time and pull out of fights. But he’ll come back, and he’ll come back stronger. It sucks right now, but we already have somebody tough coming up with Shane (replacing him)… I think (they made the right call), yeah. He was next in line, for sure. He’s a tough guy. I think it was a good call… Before (with Lesnar-dos Santos), it was wrestler vs. striker. Now it’s striker vs. striker – but they’re different. I think dos Santos is more technical and hits hard, but Carwin is a really hard puncher. You can’t pound him out. So it’s two hard hitters… (Lesnar is) the type of guy that will always come back stronger. You go back, look at the film, see what you did wrong and go back and work on it. But I’ve always thought about both (Lesnar and Carwin).”

— Cain Velasquez talking to MMA Fighting about Shane Carwin replacing Brock Lesnar at UFC 131

It hasn’t been confirmed yet by the UFC or Dana White, but Shane Carwin’s manager said that Carwin-JDS will be a number one contender’s bout like Lesnar-JDS was. Assuming that’s true, the outcome of that fight is going to result in a very interesting title fight against Cain Velasquez regardless of who wins. As much as I hate to see Brock Lesnar come down with diverticulitis again, I don’t think the same could have been said when he was still in the picture consider how his first meeting with Velasquez went.

As for Cain’s status, his doctor has cleared him to start training again but he won’t be able to go 100% in the gym until the end of June. Still, it will give him plenty of time to get ready for his first title defense on Oct. 8 in Houston.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting