“What happened was, he was talking to Roy Nelson when I approached him. He was talking to Roy, he was sitting down, I walked up and extended my hand, said, ‘Hey, I’m Matt.’ As he stood up he said, ‘Yeah, I know who you are,’ and he…pushed me. All one movement. I was wearing my flip-flops like I always do because I’m a summer baby. I kicked my flip-flops off, licked my fingers like I did on The Ultimate Fighter, because I guess that’s a habit of mine, and I was like alright, let’s scrap… I started to square up a little bit, and then he kept saying, like anybody who doesn’t really want to fight, they’re like ‘hit me, hit me then, hit me.’ Well, that’s stupid. That’s why, in the video, I was like, ‘Well, you’re the one being aggressive. If you want to be aggressive, then let’s scrap. …I came and introduced myself. I didn’t come up here to fight you.’… I respect the fact that Tito is married to a woman named Jenna. I respect that. Jenna Jameson is a character. Jenna Massoli is his wife. And I understand that. …I don’t make fun of anybody’s wives; I made fun of a public character. And I understand that’s his baby mamma, or wife, or whatever she is to him. I understand that, so I can understand where there’s feelings and sentiment. …So all the white knights out there can realize, look, this is a character. Like people in my life didn’t get pissed off at individuals [for] saying I was a d-ckhead on the show, because I was a d-ckhead on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ But that was a character I was playing, it wasn’t me.”

— Matt Mitrione, on The MMA Hour, detailing his confrontation with Tito Ortiz at the UFC Fighter Summit

Matt Mitrione went on to say that he met with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta to apologize for the incident and that he didn’t mean any disrespect. He also added though that he is ready and willing to cut down as close as he can to 205 to fight Tito if the UFC would book the fight. If I were Tito, I’d start turning up the heat and playing up this rivalry as much as possible. It’s common knowledge that Dana White is only giving him one more chance to get a win before he’s out. This might be Tito’s best shot at convincing him otherwise.

Here’s the video of the incident for those who missed it.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog