It’s no secret that Brock Lesnar isn’t a fan of the Canadian health care system after he spent a week in a Manitoba hospital when his first bout with diverticulitis struck. He likened the experience to being in a “third world country,” but at the time he never really explained why. Well, in his new book Death Clutch, Lesnar finally revealed what caused him to crap all over Canadian health-care. In short, the equipment needed for a CT scan to see inside Brock’s stomach was broken and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Excerpts via

“I had no clue what was wrong, since they couldn’t get a picture of my stomach,” Lesnar writes. “The doctor didn’t know either. He was waiting on the part for the machine. Time was slipping away, and I was wondering if I would ever make it out of that hospital alive.

“I put my faith in the doctors at that hospital. I shouldn’t have. It almost cost me my career. It almost cost me my life.”

Not knowing if and when the part would come, Lesnar and his wife decided to make a run for it and get him to hospital in the US. They reached the closest one in Bismarck, North Dakota and Lesnar was diagnosed with diverticulitis 20 minutes later.

“I have a high threshold for pain, higher than most guys, and I couldn’t deal with it,” he says of the agony he felt during the four-hour ride.

“It felt like I had taken a shotgun blast to the stomach, and then someone poured in some salt and Tabasco and stirred it all up with a nasty pitchfork.”

Sounds painful. Fortunately, Lesnar’s recent relapse with diverticulitis isn’t as serious as the first time, but it’s still unknown if he’ll have to go under the knife to fix the problem once and for all. Lesnar is adamant that he will return regardless, but when that might be remains a giant 280 lbs. question mark.