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ESPN’s Josh Gross has received confirmation from the CSAC that Chael Sonnen will not be able to reapply for a license in California until May 18, 2012. CSAC Executive Director George Dodd explained why to MMA Fighting:

“One of our rules, in our Title IV [of the California Code of Regulations], stipulates that you have to wait one year after an appeal of your suspension or revocation of license. And since he appealed this [on May 18, 2011], it’s one year from the day of denial.”

Sonnen will be allowed to apply elsewhere, but like we covered before, most athletic commissions will honor the CSAC’s ruling. The UFC is likely to follow suit.

Once the waiting period is up though, Sonnen will still have more hurdles to overcome. The first of which will be another appearance in front of the CSAC to show proof that he is making the right decisions.

“[Sonnen] is going to have to show that he’s done something to promote the sport, promote goodwill,” Dodd said. “He does a lot of good things already. He talks to kids and stuff like that about making right decisions. But he’s going to have to show that he’s making the right decisions as well. You can say it, but you have to make those decisions yourself.”

If he passes that test, there’s the still the issue of his testosterone use. At the hearing yesterday, Sonnen testified that without TRT, he has the testosterone of a “93 year old man” and wouldn’t be able to fight. Therefore, he is going to have to get a TRT use exemption from the commissions. Despite everything that has transpired, Dodd says that is still a possibility, but not a given.

“What would happen is he would…request it through the athletic commission. The commission would probably request that the medical advisory committee review it. The medical advisory committee would review it and then make a recommendation back to the commission whether or not to approve or disapprove.”

Long story short, it’s going to be a long time before we see Chael Sonnen back in the cage, if we ever do.

Below, the Yahoo! Sports MMA team gives their thoughts and analysis on the latest twist in the Chael Sonnen saga.