Here’s some good news for Chael Sonnen for a change. Yesterday, the CSAC said Sonnen would be unable to reapply for a license in the state of California until May 18, 2012. Well, it turns out they made a mistake. According to ESPN’s Josh Gross, the CSAC clarified today that Sonnen will in fact be eligible to reapply next month on June 29.

CSAC just sent out a press release correcting Chael Sonnen’s length of suspension. He is free to apply anywhere, including Calif., June 29.

CSAC misinterpreted Rule 399 that applied to the revocation or denial of a license. It does not apply to a suspension.

The official statement from the CSAC:

“Upon reviewing the May 18, 2011 decision of the commission, an error in the applicability of Rule 399 was made,” stated a release issued today by the commission. “The rule states that, ‘Any applicant who has been denied an application for a license may not file a similar application until one year from the date of the last previous denial by the commission. Any application filed within the one year period may be denied without the necessity of a hearing. Anyone who has had his license revoked may not petition for reinstatement or apply for a new license until one year after the date of such revocation. Any petition for reinstatement filed within the one year period may be denied without the necessity of a hearing.’

“Since the commission did not revoke or deny Mr. Sonnen’s license, the rule does not apply.”

This news changes things considerably. Sonnen will still have to appear before the commission once again before they’ll grant him another license, and he’ll still have to get a TRT use exemption approved before he can fight again, but at least he’ll only have to wait a month instead of a year to start that process.

As for coaching TUF 14, Gross reports that Sonnen would need a second’s license by June 5, which he would be unable to get, so if the UFC still wants him they would have to delay production and hope the NSAC licenses him in a timely manner. Time will tell if that’s a gamble (or even a possibility) the UFC and Spike TV are willing to take.