Ugh, the Rashad Evans-Jon Jones feud has turned racial. Or at least that’s how it’s being perceived after Cage Potato got a screen shot of Jones’ phone with a text from Rashad that reads, “Get off my phone fake ass white boy!!”

When Jones first mentioned the text on Twitter (before the pic surfaced), Rashad denied that he ever sent Jones a racial message, but now that the evidence has hit the internet, Evans fessed up to sending the text on MMA Weekly Radio.

“Yeah, I did say it to him, but he also said a lot of things to me… We were arguing, we said a lot of things heated back and forth, but I did call him a ‘fake ass white boy.’ But I don’t think being a white boy is anything bad… It’s an insult to him of course because he’s not white… It’s not anything against white people. It’s an insult, he’s black and I called him white… It showed that it made him mad because he posted it on the internet.

First of all, what kind of move was that anyways? That’s like high school. Not like high school, that’s like grade school. ‘Look at what Rashad said to me. Look everyone! Look! Look! Can you believe he said this to me?’ Seriously, what am I gonna do? Tell my mom because Jon Jones said he would destroy me and said a bunch of mean things to me? What’s the mindset here?

If I offended anyone by calling Jon Jones a ‘fake ass white boy,’ I deeply do apologize. I don’t have a problem with white people. Some of my best friends are white. There’s no problem against white people. It’s just the simple fact that it was an insult and I called him white, because as a black person to be called something that you’re not is very offensive.”

Of course, this has blown up into something much bigger than it really is. A star athlete makes a racial or homophobic remark and the next thing you know it’s front page news. I understand why, but at least in this case, is it really that big of a deal? I mean how many white people were actually offended by what Rashad said? I’m white and I’m not offended in the slightest.