Scratch everything you’ve heard (and we’ve been passing along) the past few days about Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz because Dana White told’s Megan Olivi today that they aren’t fighting at UFC 140 in Montreal and they definitely won’t be the TUF 14 coaches.

“That fight is not a done deal,” said White during an interview with HeavyMMA Tuesday afternoon in his Las Vegas office. “I guarantee you that those two will not be coaches. Not even close. All the stuff that’s out there about that meeting that we had here is bullshit.”

When asked if UFC 140, believed to be slated for December 10 in Montreal, would be the destination for the potential champion vs. champion clash, White flatly said, “No.”

In the interview, Dana White also clarified that Anthony Pettis is still in line for a title shot and he’s pretty “bummed” about how Chael Sonnen’s hearing went last week. He thinks the commission “stuck it to him” and treated him “unfairly.” Chael missed a big opportunity to coach TUF 14 and fight Michael Bisping for a middleweight title shot.