Roger Huerta fell off the map following a disappointing 1-2 stint in Bellator with losses to Eddie Alvarez and Pat Curran. Well, not quite, he ended up on a tour of Southeast Asia with Mike Swick doing crazy things like drinking cobra blood, but for all intensive purposes, Huerta was off everyone’s radar for several months. Now that he’s back though, his batteries are charged and he’s looking to get back in the cage. Huerta told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour that they’re currently in talks with several promotions to secure him a fight this summer and he has no plans to retire.

“Jeff Clark (Huerta’s manager) and my management team are in talks with other promotions now into having me fight in the summer… I wanted to see where I was at in life. Where I fit in in this whole work that I do, which is fighting, and see what I really, really wanted to do and why I lost the last couple of fights. Just to reevaluate a couple of things and change for the better… [MMA retirement is] not in the cards. I’m still fairly young and I still have some good fights in me.”

To clarify, Huerta is a free agent now. It’s doubtful he’ll end up back in Bellator, and considering he’s coming off two losses it’s pretty unlikely that the UFC or Strikeforce will take him either. Huerta didn’t disclose who they’re negotiating with, but in all likelihood he’ll end up in a featured bout on a regional card somewhere where he’ll have the chance to pick up a win or two and hopefully earn his way back to the big show. Here’s to hoping he does, because Huerta knows how to put on a show.

Image via Bellator