Guys, I’m leaving this morning to go on a long overdue vacation. I know the timing isn’t the best with UFC 130 this weekend and all, but this trip has been planned for six months and that’s just how it worked out.

Don’t worry though. Just because I’m gone doesn’t mean it will be a ghost town around here for the rest of the week. Longtime supporter of the site Jake Berezansky has offered to fill in for me while I’m gone to handle the daily news and assist Jim with UFC 130 coverage. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for Jake, so I’ve instructed him to do a daily news round-up post on Thursday and Friday instead of several individual posts. The plan is for him to publish those posts in the morning and update it a few times throughout the day, so you’ll have to check back to those posts for the latest news.

UFC 130 coverage should be pretty normal. Jim will still do a live results and recap post Saturday night during the show and I have a live chat post set to publish on Saturday as well. I won’t be here obviously to handle play-by-play duties though, so if someone wants to fill in, be my guest. Otherwise, the platform is there for you guys to chat during the fights.

I’ll be back on Monday, hopefully in some kind of condition to take back over. In the meantime, enjoy the fights for me and I’ll be sure to drink a beer or ten for you.

See you Monday!

– Steve