Here’s a rundown of today’s top stories.

Frank Mir says he feels better than ever after quitting a year long vegan diet. He said the diet made him feel soft, and it made him feel less explosive from a striking standpoint, and Roy Nelson says that controlling the pace will be his key to victory.

The weigh-ins are at 7pm EST today; check back, and I’ll have all the weights and everything put up.

Big Nog and Brendan Schaub are fighting at UFC 134; that was made official, and Mike Swick and Erick Silva will also likely be meeting on the card, but as of now the bout remains unofficial.

Just a side note, there is only one UFC championship fight from right now until August 27th. That’s a bummer: No UFC championship fights for all of May, June, one in July, and one at the very end of August. That’s eight UFC events and only two belts. is reporting that bout agreements have been handed out to Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson, so that’s a good sign that, that fight is going to materialize. This fight is rumored to headline Strikeforce’s first event held in Chicago.

Mike Bisping and Mayhem Miller have been annouced as the coaches for TUF 14. Dana White confirmed the news today.