The flames that were the raging inferno of UFC 130: “Rampage vs. Hamill” have died down a bit, so the time is right for us to aggregate some news. Shall we?

-Jorge Santiago may have suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Brian Stann, but the UFC brass was kind enough to award the duo the “Fight of the Night” bonus. That extra $70,000 should go a long ways towards soothing those wounds, no? Also winners of additional dough: Travis Browne for his “Knockout of the Night” against Stefan Struve and Gleison Tibau for his “Submission of the Night” against Rafaello Oliveira. Tibau took the bout on short notice, as well, so you have to think that this unexpected windfall puts him ahead on mortgage payments and leaves enough left over for that life-sized Darth Vader doll he’s always wanted.

-Roy Nelson really screwed the pooch with that performance, huh? The sagacious hivemind over at Fightlinker seems to think it was Nelson’s rotundness  that did him in.  Can’t say I disagree.  However, that lovable little scamp Jonathan Snowden posits that maybe the TUF winner just isn’t up to par for Octagon life.  I can say I disagree with that.  Hey, homeboy has got the skills to beat most of the heavyweights out there.  Why you gotta pick on the chubby kid?

-So with Rampage vs. Hamill out of the way, how does the number one contender slot look for the light-heavyweight division?  It seems that Rampage was next in line, but his fractured hand may muck up those works.  The best laid plans of mice and men, you know.  MMA Junkie has the deets on how Lyoto Machida may be “plan B” to face Jon Jones, but here’s me trying this WordPress quote function for the first time:

If he’s healthy enough to fight by fall, the title shot is Jackson’s. If not, recent UFC 129 winner Lyoto Machida – or even rival and ex-teammate Rashad Evans, who would have to get by Phil Davis in August at UFC 133 – instead could get the slot.

“If Rampage can’t go, we’d either have to do Machida – because Machida is ready to go – or have [Jones] wait for Rashad because Rashad wants to (fight him),” White said. “Rashad is 100 percent confident he’s going to win this fight and wants to turn right around and fight Jones too. We’ll see what happens.”

(Did that work?)

-Any of you folks numbers cruchers out there?  I am not (and my day job is in an investment bank – go figure), but here’s MMA Junkie with some data points for your valuation spreadsheet.  Note how UFC 130’s attendance was 12,816 people and the announced live gate was $2.57 million.  That puts this event somewhere between UFC 129, with it 55,000+ attendance and UFC 7 with its 8,100+ attendance.  If these trends continue… I don’t know.  I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Dana White was kind enough to give us an update on Brock Lesnar last night.  The ex-champ had surgery and had twelve inches of his colon removed, and his hoping to return to action in 2012.  I’m no doctor, but wouldn’t that mean Lesnar now has a semicolon?  Hey, relax, that joke totally killed it on Twitter last night.