“You have to find the best people to train with, and I think [Okami] chose wrong. I’d never align myself with a loser, a loser in every sense. He didn’t win the fight [between us] and got caught doping. You want to be a champion? Get with good people, with winners. Moreover, Sonnen wasn’t a tough opponent for me. I was injured with cracked ribs and fought five rounds. If I hadn’t been injured, the fight would have been different.”

— Anderson Silva in an interview with O Globo, via Sherdog, blasting Yushin Okami for training with a “loser” like Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva hardly said a word about Chael Sonnen in the lead-up to their fight when Sonnen was tossing verbal hand grenades at him left and right. Clearly that has changed. I wouldn’t fault Okami for training with Sonnen though. He laid out the blueprint on how to beat Silva. He just lacked the submission defense, as he has his whole career, to finish the job.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Update: You knew this was coming…

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