Roy Nelson is back in Dana White’s dog house.

Dana had no problems telling everyone who would listen how disappointed he was in the UFC 130 co-main event following the show this past weekend. Frank Mir didn’t set the world on fire either, but Dana laid most of the blame on Nelson for what he described as an “ugly” and “embarrassing” fight. While Nelson blamed his poor performance on walking pneumonia, Dana, among others, immediately pointed to the obvious — Nelson’s Burger King physique.

Dana didn’t go as far as to say he would cut him, but he does planning on meeting with him later this week to discuss things, which one can only assume will involve some sort of scolding or ultimatum to get into better shape. If that’s something Roy is willing to commit to, Mike Dolce says he’s willing to help with his Dolce Diet.

“In my honest and humble opinion, I believe I could help Roy Nelson unlock his full potential as an athlete, as a fighter, but also in health potential as a human being. I used to be 280 pounds, so at five-foot-nine I walked around 20 pounds heavier than Roy weighed in at the UFC, and now I’m 188 pounds this morning at six percent body fat,” Dolce told on Sunday.

“I can get him down easily if he wants to be a chiseled heavyweight. I can certainly do that. If he wants to be a light heavyweight I can do that. I could probably get him down to middleweight depending on what his goals are. I could do it the most healthy way possible, extend his life, extend his vitality, all of those things. But in the short term take every possible advantage to get the utmost of his ability.”

“The heavyweight division is just filled with guys that walk around not paying attention to diet because they only think in terms of weight class, they don’t think in terms of longevity or athleticism,” Dolce stated.

Whether Nelson’s poor performance was the result of pneumonia or his weight, it certainly couldn’t hurt for Roy to start eating right. Athleticism has become a major factor in the heavyweight division in recent years and for as talented as he is, that’s certainly an area he can plenty of room to improve in. Nelson hasn’t committed to working with Dolce yet, but he did talk to him about at UFC 130, so it’s at least a possibility.