There’s a rumor going around that a fight show will air on SpikeTV Saturday night.  Unconfirmed reports have pegged this event as some sort of Ultimate Fighter finale – maybe the TUF 13 Finale, as the thirteenth season of the eponymous reality show just wrapped up – but digging up further details has been difficult, as the UFC has put barely a fraction of their promotional muscle behind getting the word out.  Why is that?  Maybe with the TUF 13 Finale sandwiched so tightly between UFC 130 and UFC 131, there weren’t enough interns available to spit out press releases.  Or maybe with TUF 13 a ratings disappointment, there wasn’t enough momentum to work off of.  Either way, we’re left with a show on Saturday night that few probably know is happening.  But fear not, as MMA Convert has done some sleuthing and come up with a preview of this mystery event for you.  Learn and enjoy!

Clay Guida vs. Anthony Pettis – The real crime behind the TUF 13 Finale’s super-secret ninja-ness is that the epic match-up between perennial speed demon Guida and Matrix-style fighter Pettis is getting no love.  And dammit, pairing these guys up in the cage is something that merits a lot of love!  Guida has proven time and again that he simply cannot stop moving at a frantic pace (word is that when he sleeps, the entire bed inexplicably vibrates), and in his last outing at the WEC’s terminal installment, Pettis’ gravity-defying moves made whole flocks of birds sick with envy.  Above all other fights on the card, this one has the most relevance (Pettis was already guaranteed a shot at the lightweight title before agreeing to face Guida, and win over a stud like Pettis no doubt puts Guida in contention), and above all other fights, this one promises the most action.

Ramsey Nijem vs. Tony Ferguson – Sure, Nijem has proven himself to be an aggressive, hard-hitting wrestler and Ferguson a highly-skilled and confident striker, but it’s a sad state of affairs when the lasting impression we have on them is that Nijem likes to remove his clothes and Ferguson is an angry drunk.  They are, however, competing for all the TUF 13 marbles, with the winner possibly joining the esteemed ranks of Efrain Escudero, Kendall Grove and Mac Danzig as ignominious Ultimate Fighters.  So, yeah, stay tuned.

Ed Herman vs. Tim Credeur – Herman’s claim to fame is that he took second place in TUF 3, won some and lost some in the Octagon, and then suffered a grievous knee injury at UFC 102 that forced him to the sidelines.  Credeur has had a somewhat better run in the UFC, but a brain abnormality has kept him on ice.  Now we get to see these two fairly well-rounded cats return to duke it out, and the big question hanging over their heads is how many of their nine lives remain.

Chuck O’Neil vs. Chris Cope – TUF 13’s top runners-up get another shot at glory, which is likely due in no small part to the scrappiness they exhibited on the show.  No, these guys weren’t the best – they were ultimately out-struck by Nijem and Ferguson – but they went down swinging and Dana White loves that.  So here we are, ready to watch two men give it all they’ve got for what could very well be the last UFC event main card they’re ever on.

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldonado – TUF 8 washout Kingsbury is a solid grinder, and Brazilian beast Maldonado is great at blasting dudes in the face and submitting them.  Unfortunately, like most Brazilians, Maldonado doesn’t quite have the wrestling chops his opponent sports, so this is a real test for both light-heavyweights.  Will Kingsbury avoid destruction?  Or will Maldonado crush him, see him driven before him and hear the lamentations of his women?  I’m leaning towards the Conan the Barbarian thing, but you never know with wrestlers in the equation.