“I feel great getting the TUF spot. It’s a little early to start the smack talk but I’m going to beat the bangers and mash out of Bisping after my team smashes his team. Now that Osama is dead, Bisping is the most hated man in America. Everybody hates that guy. I wonder what it’s like to actually be hated that much. You would have to put a terrorist attack together to be hated any more than he is… Look…Dana and Lorenzo didn’t get here by throwing a bunch of money at a problem. They got where they are because they are smart dudes. They know what sells and they realize that I have an independent fan base that’s not just UFC fans. I’ll be able to pull some of my fans onto their television program which will be great. It will be fantastic. It’s good for me, for them…it’s good for everybody. It’s good for MMA. It’s going to be fun and it will broaden the horizons for the fringe fans who are just becoming interested in mixed martial arts. My goal is to make this the best season of TUF, the highest rated season and to smash a Brit at the end of it.”

— Jason “Mayhem” Miller talking to Heavy.com about landing a TUF 14 coaching gig opposite Michael Bisping

It’s not Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping, but I have to say that Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping is a pretty good consolation prize. Mayhem was born to be a reality TV star and even though there’s no heat between them now, you know there will be by the end of the season. Mayhem knows to how to push people’s buttons and as we saw earlier this year with Jorge Rivera, it doesn’t take much to get Bisping’s blood boiling. They won’t save the show’s stale format, but they should at least make it a little more entertaining to watch.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime