Rampage Jackson really stirred up the hornet’s nest last week when he pretended to motorboat MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant in a UFC 130 post-fight interview. Some folks found it funny. Others found it wildly inappropriate. And some even saw it as sexual harassment.

It didn’t bother Bryant (or her husband who shot the video), but several MMA media folks including Zach Arnold and the Bloody Elbow crew jumped all over Rampage and the UFC for Rampage’s continued misbehavior in a professional environment. Yahoo! Sports blogger Maggie Hendricks took it one step further and called for the media to stop covering Rampage until he cleaned up his act. That’s when sh*t really hit the fan. In defense of Rampage, Joe Rogan took to the UG and blasted Hendricks, calling her writing “c*nty.” Hendricks didn’t respond (to my knowledge), but that prompted Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole, who’s notably on the UFC’s preferred journalist short list, to write a scathing article calling for the UFC, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta to do something about the situation and address sexual harassment with their fighters.

And to add more fuel to the fire, here’s Jon Jones telling Rampage Jackson (his next opponent), “C’mon son!” You can’t go around motorboating reporters.

Update: Here’s Karyn Bryant’s actual interview with Jon Jones.