Here’s the audio from yesterday’s Strikeforce “Overeem vs. Werdum” conference call courtesy of (via TheMMANews).

On a side note, Bloody Elbow is reporting that Josh Barnett is still not licensed in Texas yet to fight Brett Rogers next weekend because he has not completed his application. Susan Stanford, Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, however says that Barnett has 72 hours until fight time to get his application in. Scott Coker assured everyone on the call that Barnett would get licensed in time.

Update: Josh Barnett says his licensing status is a non-issue.

“Some MMA — and I use this term loosely — journalist sites decided to poke around and grab some information, and run with it and use my name as the lede, even though there are something like nine other athletes who are still in the process of doing their paperwork. They basically ran stories that got everybody hyped up and stressed out, and now [people] are hitting me up on Twitter.”

“I’ll say this: I’ve filled out all my paperwork. I’ve filled out everything, actually, and everything is going just fine with the athletic commission,” Barnett said. “Any additional steps they’ve wanted me to do have all been done and [done] within their timeline.

“One thing about Texas is that you can file paperwork, but you can’t get licensed until your medicals are done,” explained Barnett. “Blood work has to be [processed] within 30 days of your event, so there is no point in turning in paperwork a month in advance if you don’t have the [blood work].”

“I did everything within [the required] timespan,” said Barnett. “In fact, I got my [blood work] order set up before the 30 days came up so that I could just walk in to the laboratory and get my blood work done, and walk out. The UFC isn’t stressing, and neither is Texas, and neither is my team. It’s a complete non-story.”