“I think if you look at what I’ve done at 155 and what I’ve done in my career, bringing the skills and the experience that I have … beating a guy in the top five in the world, yeah, I think that puts me in line for a shot right away. Who knows? We’ll see. I think it definitely does… I want to put myself in the position to fight for the belt, and it’s not going to happen against just a regular Joe Shmoe. It’s gotta happen against one of the top guys in the world. For those who want to get a title shot, you have to prove yourself. What better way to prove yourself than to face one of Jose Aldo’s training partners?”

— Kenny Florian on Sherdog Radio talking about putting himself in the UFC featherweight title hunt with a win over Diego Nunes at UFC 131

With Chad Mendes booked for UFC 133, it seems like the title shot is there for the taking for Kenny Florian if he can defeat Diego Nunes on Saturday night. Florian doesn’t just have to beat Nunes though, he also needs to make weight tomorrow in a weight class he’s never competed in before.

If Florian is struggling with the weight loss though, you wouldn’t know it by talking to him. He told Pro MMA Radio earlier this week that he didn’t need to do a test cut. Furthermore, Florian told Sherdog he feels “phenomenal” and it’s been “the best camp of his life” before questioning if featherweight was the weight class he should have been in all along.

Whether that results in a victory against Nunes remains to be seen, but if Florian takes care of business Saturday night and looks good doing it, don’t be surprised if he gets the title shot he keeps talking about.