A few observations from UFC 131’s “Dos Santos vs. Carwin”:

-It’s good to see youngsters like Chris Weidman keeping the standing guillotine alive.  Ten years ago that was a cutting-edge submission, you know.

-Add Yves Edwards to the “must retire soon” list.  He was an amazingly deadly competitor back in the day, but that day has since passed.

-Joey Beltran is one part unstoppable Terminator, one part spicy burrito.  Good for him for racking up another win.

-Two things stand out in regards to the Vagner Rocha/Don Cerrone bout: Rocha apparently had no idea that there’s such a thing as leg-kicks when he stepped into the cage, and Cerrone was so disinterested in fighting it was ridiculous.

-After having waited so many years for Dave Herman and Jon Olav Einemo to get their shot in the UFC, it was somewhat sad that they had to face each other and someone had to lose.  Here’s hoping the $70,000 “Fight of the Night” bonuses they earned made it worth it for them, ‘cause it was certainly worth it for us.

-I don’t know where that version of Demian Maia came from, but he was awesome.  Dude was SLAYING Mark Munoz in the first round.  I actually am more interested in seeing his next match-up than I am seeing Munoz’s.

-Kenny Florian may have gotten the “W” against Diego Nunes in his first venture into featherweight territory, but nothing he displayed at UFC 131 gives us any indication that he’s a threat to champ Jose Aldo.  Seriously, Aldo is going to murder him on the feet.

-Props to Shane Carwin for surviving some very dire straits and hanging in there until the end.  Junior dos Santos is clearly twice the monster Carwin is, and the Brazilian will likely squash champ Cain Velasquez like a bothersome bug, but Carwin is still relevant in a “I can kill everyone else in the division” kind of way.