Most people don’t comment on pending litigation. Stephan Bonnar isn’t most people. If you haven’t heard, Josh Koscheck is suing Bonnar’s t-shirt company NGUAGE for using his likeness (well. sort of) on one of their Garbage Pail Kids-inspired t-shirts. Other fighters such as GSP, Brock Lesnar, Roy Nelson and Matt Hamill have been cool with it, but Koscheck wasn’t and sued.

Bonnar is equally unhappy about the situation and wants to kick Koscheck’s ass because of it. At least that’s what he told a group of UFC fans in Vancouver last weekend (see MMA Fighting’s video below) and MMA Fight Corner Radio the week before that. Via Five Knuckles:

“Not in my division, but overall probably Koscheck,” Bonnar said when asked who rubbed him the wrong way. “Mainly because I started a new t-shirt line called Trash Talking Kids, kinda a parody of the old Garbage Pail Kids from the 80’s except with UFC fighters. He actually inspired the idea, he talks so much s**t in the Daley fight and after the fight. The whole time I see Koscheck talking s**t to him on the ground, I thought it was hilarious and I was carrying on about it.

“Since then we made a whole bunch more. He got wind of it and he didn’t like it and I tried to explain it to him firsthand. ‘Like, look we’re doing them for all the fighters. It’s kinda a joke, just cartoon versions of the fighters.’  His version is called Josh Koshbygosh and he kinda looks like a Cabbage Patch doll, because he really does. Anyway, so he didn’t like it. Turns out we won’t be able to sell his but we will be able to sell the other ones. I didn’t think his was gonna sell too much anyway. We’re getting hit up his lawyers at the moment, it’s been a pain in the ass. So if anyone rubs me the wrong way, it’ll be Koscheck for sicking his lawyers on me.

“I would drop a lot of weight to fight him.”

Interestingly, Josh Koscheck is being represented by former UFC heavyweight Christian Wellisch who now practices law in the San Jose area.